Thursday, June 11, 2009

On A Boat!

Last weekend was Lars’s birthday and the “crew” had been trying all the previous week to plan a boat party. After the first boat fell through, a second boat was confirmed and on Saturday we were on a boat.

We all met at the Ortakoy docks and were eventually led to our party boat. Our boat was a pleasant surprise and was outfitted with tables, cushions, two decks, a bathroom, a kitchen, and there were even tablecloths on the table with silly centerpieces fit for a wedding. The thirty or so of us piled on to the boat as it revved its motor for a Bosphorus cruise.

Fun broke out everywhere. I mean we had a double decker boat all to ourselves for four hours with a captain driving all the way up and down the Bosphorous (well maybe not all the way, but a long ways), drinks abound, people dancing on a rocking boat, musicians, a stereo system… fun times were had by all.

Tomorrow is my last day at the agency. We shall see what happens.

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Robin said...

I'm on a boat!
I got my flippy floppy's!